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Guidelines & Tips

A minimum of 3 characters, regardless of upper/lowercase, are required to activate the search engine. Your search string will be researched in any words contained in the product data base. For example; entering “ABR” into the search box will bring you all the part numbers such as “ABRxxxx” as well as bringing the part numbers which contain this string within their description or applications, such as “Cabriolet” or “ Sabre” , etc..

All the part numbers containing the searched string as described above, will be listed giving the priority to the complete units and there on to the spare parts which contains the string in their own part number.

Once the suggested list of part numbers appears, pressing “enter” or “Search” button will result in a detailed listing of all the part numbers. Alternatively you can click to any part number from the list to directly open its “Product Data Sheet”.

In case you wish to search by more specific technical details, please use the “Advanced Search” feature..